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Where am I located Saintfield, Co Down, Northern Ireland
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Am I the right counsellor for you?

Making the decision to see a counsellor is an important step in changing your life, but can feel daunting. It is important to find a counsellor you feel you can trust, so you can talk openly about how you feel. I am based in Saintfield, County Down, Northern Ireland.

Sometimes it helps to talk to a couple of therapists before you decide. As long as the counsellor or psychotherapist you chose is fully qualified and registered with a the professional body they could be of help to you.

If you think that I may be the right counsellor for you, our first session will help you decide if we can work together. I want you to feel as comfortable and safe as possible for what can be a difficult process and make the right choice for you. If you would like to continue we would meet every week at the same time for 50 minutes.


“Things change as they are discovered.”

- Joel Latner

Counselling can help by

  • Providing an opportunity for you to be heard and understood in a deeper way.
  • Supporting you to come to a clearer understanding of yourself and the difficulties you are experiencing in a safe supportive environment increasing self-awareness and insight.
  • Identifying patterns and themes, exploring your view of the world and yourself, and help you recognise your strengths and talents to work towards a more balanced, fulfilled life.
  • Reducing feelings of distress and anxiety, and encourage you to develop life-changing skills to develop more effective ways of dealing with life’s difficulties.
  • Understanding how and why you feel the way you do, allowing you to consider the choices you make and how to approach life with a true sense of autonomy and empowerment.